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Where did those FEMA camps go?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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It wasn't too long ago that every "independent" journalist was ringing the alarm that America would be under MARTIAL LAW any day now. They showed us pictures of UN military trucks being shipped on trains. They showed us army drills at our local Walmart. We got access to hundreds of Americans filming black helicopters over their local town. The UN even published papers on their whole plan to manage the world on their website. The end of democracy in America, as we knew it, was going to end any day.

Flash-forward a few years, and there is a new president in town. Despite almost 95 percent of all media coverage being negative, almost none of it revolves around a not-so-secret agenda for world-wide dominance. In fact, there is a new movement on the internet that goes by the name of Q-Anon. This movement tells us one thing. "Trust the plan". It's all under control according to Q. The agenda for a one world government and de-industrialization of America is over, and we all need to be quiet and have a little more FAITH that a hero-king is here to save us all.

Who doesn't need hope in an economy where most Americans feel lost? 20 veterans per day commit suicide from the horrors of foreign wars. The war on drugs has either lead to the mass incarceration of Americans OR the overdose deaths being at an all time high peaking at over 70 thousand people per year. Most 20-somethings still live at home, and the prospect of finding a home of their own and a family seems bleaker by the day. Our monuments are being desecrated. Our history is being erased by choice along with our knowledge that our rights come from God, not government, according to the constitution. Childhood mental disorders are at an all time high. We are getting no answers, and the frustration is bubbling up.

The truth is, nothing has changed. The American military still is doing flash drills on unsuspecting towns. The weaponized media is trying to bring pedophilia into public discourse, and if you speak out, you might just get labeled "intolerant" in this Brave New World. The FCC is trying to use the military to police the internet as if no radical president in the future will use that against civilians. Civil asset forfeiture has grown. Whistle-blowers are rewarded with threats of treason or the death penalty. Federal land grabs are still expanding, forcing rural Americans to move into mega-cities the way "crazy people" predicted years ago. Despite being the worlds largest exporter of oil for the first time in US history, we still chose to align ourselves with countries that ignore human rights instead of avoiding foreign entanglements, the way the founders wanted. Mass illegal immigration is at an all time high bringing with it medieval diseases and a growing deficit.

Loud voices got Agenda 2021 moved to Agenda 2030. Where did they go? Did we become so hopeless and docile as a society, we had to bet our lives and children's future on one man? Do most Americans realize that the president doesn't even have close to the highest security clearance? The social planners, or technocrats, as they describe themselves, are still moving forward to an AI run, cashless society. We can all stay in our boxes divided, or we can come together for real solutions to these issues and demand answers. There is no money in unity, but there are results. Results don't come from hope or anonymous accounts online. They come from people willing to talk to each other sincerely. Until we realize that, we can expect the agenda to press on.

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