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When I first started this....

It was never my intention to gain any type of following or meet a lot of the people I met. The most important thing to me in the world is meeting and talking to people before that may not be possible.

I worked around a lot of technology that may make it hard one day for a lot of us to communicate with each other. This is why I drill into every single episode to send an email just saying "contact". I may know what is coming, or it may never come to pass if enough people understand it. Either way it is a way for us to stay in touch and for all of us to meet like-minded people or reach those who have never heard any of this health, science, or educational material.

I have made a career out of research in whatever field I was in. It started in financial fraud, went to supplements, and now it's human behavior. I've noticed some scary things. A meeting was just held near me. and the subject was teaching kids to read. No one under 40 was there. Whether they are just not having kids, or they do not understand the challenges they face as parents and have handed over their responsibility to the government, it is still alarming.

I have made a lot of claims, and none of them include that I am perfect; however, I have always been good at identifying serious problems. One huge problem we face is the demoralization of a whole generation. I am hoping to motivate some people out of that, so my child has someone to play with. If that includes me submitting pieces of my life to other journals, then that is what I have to do.

This blog will be up full time for you to comment on and interact with soon. For now, I will not take backers or sponsors, so I depend on your patience and support. That does NOT mean anything financial. That means taking the information and sharing it. It means getting good guests on, or just sending over an email of someone you find important. I solely have existed online because a large number of people see what is going on, and they hope to turn it around before there is no turning point.

There will be a lot of people online who will tell you there is no hope and we can only pray. I do not find that productive nor accurate. There is plenty we can do, even if it is one person at a time. The truth spreads like wild fire. We all know deep down what is moral and what is immoral behavior by how it makes us feel. Not participating is as bad as being your oppressor. I hope for a peaceful resolution to some of the things we are presented and debate will take hold again. I support people I think have identified a solution or have brought something to the table, and I hope you do too.

God Bless


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