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Technocrats: Controlling Your Information and Mind

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

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We ALL Have a Right to Speak

I started this blog for one simple reason. I got tired of being shadow banned.

First, it was Instagram. For over a year, before we launched the video platforms, I tried 5 different Instagram pages to make sure I wasn't crazy or wrong. I would start off with daily motivation and body transformation updates daily. It would grow and grow the more persistent I was with it. Then, I would move into news that affected us whether we were into the gym or not and display my knowledge of current events, as opposed to being a piece of meat. Within a week, I would no longer show up in search results. After one page would get banned, I would retry. I got the same result every time. This started post 2016.

This was very discouraging, and it eventually bled into my work life. I would have people with 2 followers reporting me to my job constantly, and the company would take them seriously. I would have to answer to why I was sharing mainstream news articles with commentary. I was then asked to remove all my family photos and anything linking me to any business. As someone who spent over 12 years in chemistry of the human body and over 10 in human psychology/marketing, this was incredibly frustrating. I could see the narrative that was "allowed", and what would happen to you if you didn't toe that line.

I quickly ended that experiment, and I got back to focusing on my career. During 2017, I made the best decision of my life and adopted an "autistic" child who had several other diagnoses including ADHD. He was on several medications, and this peaked my interest in a number of areas. First, I lashed out at the medical system that would put a 5 year old on psychiatric drugs before he was fully formed and able to show symptoms. Then, I wondered what his future would be like if this trend of medical and social tyranny was allowed to progress within society. This led to the Youtube page.

In marketing, the first rule is branding. I started a whole new venture under The Push Fitness, and I was going to make a move to legitimize this by forming a corporation and releasing products to go along with it. I had done this before very easily in the past, and I had a YouTube page that allowed me to enjoy millions of views with a 100 dollar camera in my kitchen. After opening the new page on YouTube under The Push, I found out quickly, things had changed. I had to reclaim my old page ActionFitnessCT if I wanted ANYONE to hear my voice whether they agreed or not. My only goal was to lay out arguments that seemed to be banned and let the audience decide what was correct and what wasn't. I quickly found out just how many topics were banned on YouTube, and if you kept talking about them, you would never develop an audience.

If this was solely about self-help, I would just re-hash old ideas of positive thinking and inspiration to take action in all areas of your life, but I was more focused on the ideas you "weren't allowed" to talk about. This was not freedom to me. I have a right to reach as many people as possible, and they have the right to push back, but no one has a right to ban speech outright. There are 100's of studies within psychology that banning speech this way leads to suicide, psychosis, radicalization and violence. If I know this, I know that the social scientists on staff know this. Facebook has done 100's of social experiments without the public's knowledge over the years to try to figure out the best way to "steer society". By the way, Facebook limited my reach within the first 2 months, and for whatever reason, the only people who would even see my information were people who violently disagreed with my positions. This is why I do not spend much of my time there.

I opened a Twitter to try and reach as many people as possible. I got responses from celebrities, comedians, and even the Pope. I was immediately silenced after speaking out against the epidemic of autism and other childhood diseases. This provoked me to start speaking out more about those in positions of "power" that were controlling information. I made a point for 5 months to constantly show clips of "powerful" people demanding depopulation and controlling narratives that have no root in reality. This led to a deeper burial of content.

Luckily, people know me behind the scenes or took risks, and we formulated a community with some of the top people in politics, religion, and health despite the view counts. We have proven on numerous episodes of the video content that information is being suppressed if it goes against whatever the narrative of the day is. While we still strive to be a health and knowledge page that believes in forming relationships with people of all schools of thought, I know there are plenty of other talented, smart, and trustworthy people who have been silenced before they even got started. This is why I try to reach out to people who are deplatformed regularly. This is the one thing that allows me to continue moving forward. There are bigger personal stories to break, and I am not perfect, nor do I intend on making this a full-time career, but I also should not be barred from a career for doing it. No one should.

We took a risk. We knew from our past experiences that if something happened to me, we set our family up to still be able to survive. This is why I preach that the family unit is the greatest starting point in being free. There are very important things going on. These things will affect my child and every last one of us. They should be talked about and debated, not silenced or forced into internet ghettos like Matt Drudge predicted. My channel never had the intention of being political. It operates under the same assumption today that it did when it started; we have much more in common if we speak civilly than the mainstream media lets on.

This is an ongoing test in American freedom. We have heard the NBA and their stars like Lebron James, come out this week and say, we have free speech, but that does not make us free from the consequences of that speech. This is not the America I know, nor is it one I will live in. I will oppose any side that holds those ideals, and I will make allies with anyone who sees the hypocrisy in that. We will still continue to slow-walk putting full effort into the blog, but it was set up as a backup in case more than just shadow-banning occurred.

We need your help in sharing out ActionFitnessCT on YouTube and Bitchute. You can find all the links at There are no copyright strikes involved, and you are free to join and voice your opinion, even if it disagrees with an argument I've laid out or a guest. My point is; we are ALL free to make up our own minds when it comes to information, and I believe in people still. I believe we do not need to be force-fed narratives, and we have more in common than the people who want to tare us apart want us to know. This project may be taking some time, but it has literally changed my whole perspective on life with every banning of very benign ideas. Mainstream news can cover chemtrails, but I can't. They can cover global warming, but I can't put up a rebuttal. They can convince you to kill your unborn baby, but I can't tell you the scientific harms on the mother's mental and physical health who chooses to do that. It's too big of a threat to the narrative. It has somehow gotten out of our control by trusting that the internet would be a tool of freedom that could not be corrupted.

This may take more months or trial and error, but I strongly encourage you to get in the battle for freedom yourself. Whether you can create content, support others, or just network, you can help change this battle for your mind, body, and soul. Whether it is my page, or just someone you know, making genuine connections is the best way to not become a serf to a TV set that is constantly pumping out enslaving propaganda 24/7. There are people who are in the battle, and then there are those who help those in battle. Both are equally important. There is no need for a hot or civil war. There are more of us than we will ever know. We are just cut off from each other. We need to make sure that never happens; locally or on the internet.

God Bless and stay fit.

-Sean Jackson

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