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The Tech Revolution is HERE- It is not coming....

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Remember when tech companies had slogans like "Don't be evil" instead of more ambiguous ones like "be good"?

We have individually handed over a ton of our personal power to Google because we were presented a Utopia. That Utopia was all information all cataloged and easily accessible. While Google was hard at work, we had years of easy research on any topic because of their catalog. You could do anything from fix your car to get a baseline in theoretical physics just on Google search results and Youtube videos.

As we kept remaining silent, all of these tech companies started gaining power. Then, they started merging together and working with companies like DARPA, if they weren't always DARPA creations like CBS reported. Then, they started using their clout to buy off every tool we considered the public square. Google buys Youtube in 2006. Almost all major tech companies from Microsoft, Apple, and Google/Alphabet have agreements to work together on projects. The CIA has also put out press releases that it helped in the creation of Twitter and Facebook in the past. Back when it was happening, we knew the dangers of one company holding all the information, and we let it happen because we are a high trust society. "They wouldn't use that to harm us" or "I have nothing to hide" was the motto of the people while these companies built a technocracy and crept into our lives.

Now, because of those same search engines, and press releases they think you won't read, we now know the actual point of data collection; human control in real time. People can now discuss those ethics with all of their releases. They have been putting "terms and conditions" into these "tools" that they change with every update , so they can just remove the information, books, and whitepapers anytime without any reason given. Everyone is worried about the control of information, but no one worries about the debt anymore. No one seems bothered by that. The world owes $244 trillion dollars according to Bloomberg; but to who? Really, we don't owe it to anyone. The Federal Reserve prints the fiat currency, that only has value because you believe it does, and they buy tangible things like weapons and research labor with it. In this way, money is a form of control.

If you read the sustainable development plan by the UN, which the US is a leader in, you now know what the end goal is. Population reduction, mass surveillance, and totalitarianism. It is hard enough just for a government to pay the interest on the debt they rack up from the central bank. They immediately use that money for programs that turn that cash into actual assets like land and a massive spy grid; assets that matter when controlling populations. They have no intention of paying that debt back, so in comes big tech to "save the day".

There have been several monetary theories over the last 15 years involving the Federal Reserve which is NOT a part of our government. They all conflict if you have been paying attention. No one is quite in agreement on which one is true or effective. What everyone agrees on is; the debt is ballooning, and without a huge war or a change in society, we will never pay it back. No one intends on paying it back though. There is a "bait and switch" coming. "How easy would it be to just do all your banking and pay bills on your smartphone? Why even use a bank? You don't have to leave your house." These arguments will be used to get you on to the social credit score system that is already running in China, and versions are running in other places like Canada and Japan. Americans aren't quite convinced yet; but, what you should know is, there is no debate. It is already in place. Tons of companies have already started stock piling "consumer goods" that have chips in it from clothing to home appliances. They will hit the market in the next 2 years, and we will be sold a dream of a Utopia again where we don't need human contact for anything, including sex. All that is required from you is that you opt in to those "terms and conditions".

In case you do not pay attention, telecom companies are merging left and right, with the largest merger in US history being T-Mobile acquiring Sprint. 5G is an issue people do not fundamentally understand, so it will be an easy sell to the public without education. "Who doesn't want to download a 3 hour video in under 1 second", even though right now, you can do it in under 10 minutes. In Roman days, this was considered "bread and circuses" to keep the public's eye off of what was really going on. Look up for a second, your society is crumbling, the debt is spiraling, and morality is no longer a topic of conversation in science or any other subject. If it is, it will be censored or banned. Hubris is a sin, and ignorance is slavery, but there is still time to not be a slave and start watching for these things.

5G is already complete. It will be presented as a debate over the coming 2 years and a choice you can make. There will be tons of arguments of how it "boosts the economy" or how it will "make your life easier", but these are all the same arguments that got you to upload your face to Facebook so they could make a facial recognition database now in American Airports. If you realize the oligarchs, or the people who rule us, want to remove the debt before people catch on to the scheme, then you can understand why 5G and "big tech" is so important. The Federal Reserve has not come out strongly against a Social Credit system of money. They are independent of government and make statements regularly.

We have let politicians, big businesses, and Wall Street get away with some of the largest usury crimes in human history. America as a nation has been sold out to foreign interests and offshore banks. Before the citizens realize just how bad it is, they need a distracted population and a way to control every aspect of their life. This way, they don't say too much when that social credit score, slavery, comes to America. No extra bandwith is needed to connect phones, tablets, and TVs. It is needed to hook up cars, appliances, clothes, and even brain chips to an "all seeing" grid that will be monitored by someone you will not elect.

This is the point. From a human biology perspective, 5G can be weaponized and used in active denial systems, but the main form of control is when you lose your bank account and ability to work because you simply disagree with whatever the narrative of the day is. Democrats and Republicans should be concerned with this. It should be a unifying issue; however, we live in such a "divide and conquer" age, people will BEG for it because they know their "team" will be in power to wield against anyone who disagrees with them. These are "proxy warriors", or people who fight for their masters, hoping they might benefit somehow, when in reality, this horrific power will be wielded against everyone equally.

There is still time. We have to keep hope, and we have to stop buying into our own demise. Do your own research, subscribe to this publication, keep pushing back, and buy an external hard drive to back up anything you find important and want to pass down to your family or community. Education and outlasting is the only way to move forward, and let the magicians who depend on the technology for psychological warfare be their own demise. You won't have to do a thing except stay close to your community, and do not let a television break up your family, network, or community whether you agree or disagree on unimportant things.

We need to work together, not apart. The future depends on it if there is any chance of taking back the narrative instead of being force-fed talking points that may enslave us.

God Bless

Sean Jackson

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