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The HEALTH Consequences of Ending Debate- My Story With Censorship

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I have tried for the last few months to "right some wrongs" and provide counter-arguments to the official narrative when it comes to physical and mental health.

Before I thought of broadcasting as a full time job and amazing pro-freedom, pro-life journalists like E Michael Jones came on out of the kindness of his heart, I already knew what was happening.

I can site numerous ACTUAL long-term studies on isolation and how it leads to depression, suicide, and radicalization. This is psychology 101. It doesn't take a trained professional. I had the foresight to know that people like EMJ would be taken to task when their following exploded, so I wanted to speak to him before that frenzy. The anti-free speech movement in America never comes for you until you have a following, but they also don't realize they are being steered into destroying their own freedoms.

I was very unstable at the time, dealing with work place harassment, death threats, and eventually commuting 2 hours daily despite being one of the top employees in the country. I figured there was nothing to lose by having that interview posted, especially from an author who has very accurately described what I see in my own city through his book The Slaughter of Cities. I was planning on ending the YouTube censorship experiment after that interview because it gave me a solid window into just how repressive things had gotten.

That was 6 months ago. Since then, you literally have NBA stars like James Harden and Lebron James getting airtime for saying things like; We do have free speech in America, but that doesn't mean you are free of consequences (also interpreted as you should be fired). While at the same time, those people claim to be champions of a culture that demands freedom and equality for everyone. This is dangerous both to your health and your freedoms. This is the new double speak, I mean "woke" culture in America.

As this "cultural war" or "spiritual war" keeps escalating, I completely forgot about supporting my own growing family. I was fired from a job without reason given and rehirable somehow. I believe the reason is interviewing Christians or people with other spiritual ideas. I did not want people to panic or be like other channels that asked for money, but my first obligation is my family. I didn't have the time to write articles or put our videos daily. We are 100 percent supporter funded and steered.

While under attack, I completely lost focus on the overall goal. I cannot reach everyone. I luckily still gain reach in all types of communities because I sincerely want to hear what people who may be banned have to say, but I also set out to help steer people away from Charlatans claiming they had all the answers online and stealing people's money in the health space. Below is the apology I wrote on my Patreon that I have not attempted to promote, and I will leave channel links at the bottom.


Patreon is back up as a way of support.

I have not put much effort at all into marketing the Patreon for myself or my family. In this time of censorship where you cannot even be critical of someone you know isn't telling the full truth that may lead to someone's harm, I had abandoned the platform and relied on small donations to keep the podcast alive. We have also moved out of health questions into bigger questions about life, politics, family, and other goals. That is because I genuinely care about the perspectives people want to hear about.

I have been in the physical or health sciences since I was 17. I am 33 now. I spent the early part and bulk of that in bodybuilding and supplement development. I have spent the last 6 years using the psychology portion of my training to work on marketing for numerous companies until I lost my last job due to the podcast.

My hypothesis is that there are issues that effect everyone; and not everyone is going to be a "gym rat', and physical/mental health epidemics in America and around the world are getting out of hand because people are bombarded with conflicting information to the point where they just quit. The silencing of voices is something I see as incredibly unhealthy because every study points to isolation leading to horrific outcomes for the individual. You have a community here and with our podcast ActionFitnessCT.

I encouraged a community from the start. That was to keep me honest and on the right path, and it was also because there are tons of smart people who choose not to be public that may be able to use a screen name to make a correction or add to the conversation.

With people now finding this page and the Venmo despite not constantly asking, I am incredibly happy because it allows me to go back to a moral health platform. I will be writing on that soon at, but please do not ever hesitate to email me at whether you have the money or not. Sometimes, it is overwhelming, so it is easier to communicate with someone who has donated even 1 dollar on this platform, but my goal was always to be able to get back to volunteering while taking care of my family. I want to have the freedom to help the people who support what I do while also helping those who may not have that 1 dollar.

Thank you for any support, even if it is just a share, prayer, or spreading out links and articles on your own platform. is a link to the now censored E Michael Jones interview that started this whole wave of freedom interviews. Right or wrong, we should leave government out, and we should be able to debate out our differences civilly.

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