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Updated: Sep 27, 2019

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While we all argue about pro/anti-vaxxers, open boarders, and the "terror threat", a much greater threat to our collective health is lurking around every corner. You can't see it, hear it, touch it, or even diagnose it properly. That threat is despair and hopelessness.

According to the US Department of Veteran's Affairs, every single day 20+ of our American boys and girls commit suicide after coming home to a world they no longer recognize. The number of drug overdoses or suicides has skyrocketed past 70,000 of our friends and family annually. That is climbing over 200 people per day. In fact, suicide alone is up 30 percent since 1999 according to the CDC. "Common sense" gun measures were recently passed to protect innocent lives from being senselessly lost. However, the media, politicians, and advocate groups fail to mention that 60 plus percent of the gun-related deaths are suicide according to FBI and Pew Research. We can break down those numbers in a different article, but for now, why is this happening in our Brave New World full of "soma" where 70 percent of people are dependent on one pharmaceutical just for survival. 50 percent of people report needing mind-altering drugs or painkillers in the last 30 days. And over 1 in 10 Americans take 5 or more drugs regularly from multiple doctors.

You will hear oligarchs, politicians, and charlatans alike screaming that we need socialized health care, price controls, gun control, and a padded room for everyone, but you will never hear them talk about possible root causes. The need for any semblance of hope has led to the rise of factions that believe another human can save them, and people are desperate for a "savior". They want better access to even more drugs without questioning why we need the drugs in the first place. Could it possibly be the society that has slowly been created over the last 50 plus years by the social engineers that is the problem?

We are under constant attack, avoiding traps daily. What God-given rights as a human being will we lose today? What will that black box in all of our homes say to insult us? How many debt collection calls will we hear today? What happened to that Communication Decency Act that prevented pornographic and vile thoughts to be planted in our children's heads by proxy. Why are we being slowly segmented into tribalism where we cannot freely exchange ideas with other groups of people in the most connected society ever? Is there a way to stop the technocratic takeover of our whole society? Most people feel despair and helpless when it comes to these questions. "I'm just one person. What can I do".

The answer is straight-forward, aggravating, and simple. Don't change your mind with drugs. Change the way you think with information so you don't need "expert opinions" about your own brain and life. Stop believing things at face value. Take the time to analyze the intent behind why something is presented to you. Search for deeper meanings in life instead of being solely chained to a desk to stay afloat. In other words, don't fall for the status quo.

Find a community that does exist, and start helping others. If a small group of people are pushing genocide through your TV, you don't have to participate or feel responsible for it. If a man or women you have never met calls you stupid for being a stay-at-home mom, you know its not true, so laugh it off. If the world is going to heat up 2 degrees, and you know the blame falls on the people burning trillions of gallons of fuel per year, not your SUV, then ignore it and have a loving family guilt-free. If you were compartmentalized by a military or corporation into doing something that violates your morals, admit you were tricked, repent, learn from it, and move past it so you can devote your resource of time to things that help others see it. You are far more valuable to the world broken, recovering, and alive than you are if you don't exist to help others. There are plenty of articles about fear and how they are used for social control, but I will leave a link to one at the bottom. What we need is a fundamental change in the way we think. We did build a society on trust, and some devious people are using that against us for their own gain. The TV isn't supposed to lie, but it does. Science isn't supposed to form a conclusion than rush to back it up with fill-in theories, but it does. State-run nutrition isn't supposed to base its advice on whoever has the most money to lobby, but it does.

It seems like common sense, but we live an a time where the average attention span is less than 8 seconds, almost 90 percent of people only read headlines, and almost the same amount will not go looking for information if it isn't on the front page of Google. You have to "be Google" and participate in your community passing along information and where to find sources. In the age of censorship, do you have a hard copy of things that happened in the past or proof of your argument, or can someone just flip a switch and remove it all from the public sphere to make you seem crazy? You ultimately have the power. You have much more power than you think over the destiny and life you will live, and you have no idea of the ripple effect when one person decides to take action. Do not try to control others, control yourself first, and let others follow that example. Give hope to people instead of despair.

We all have our Amygdala, and the social engineers know this. This is the part of your brain responsible for responding to stimuli, and it puts you in a fight or flight binary. They have done more studies on your brain than we will ever have time to cover in our upcoming years of work, but it's nothing more than a magic trick. It only works when you don't know its happening. If I were to tell you that the music in retail stores is picked on purpose to get you to stay longer so a trained sales person can get you to buy more stuff you don't need and go deeper into debt, you might just pay attention to the music and the response it has on you the next time you are at your local WalMart. This is used at a very benign level like retail, but it is also being used to convince you to commit your own demise. Despair is the killer, and getting you to do it to yourself is the ultimate form of control because the sadistic enjoyment is watching you do it to yourself. Recognize your own chains, and it will help free you.

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