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The Economy Stupid- What is the LGBT Lobby?

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Who is the LGBT lobby?There is no leader or spokesperson. You will never get a flyer for your local chapter meet-up. The truth is, it does not matter. The problem is, most Christians think this has to do with tolerance, so they will let their fellow neighbor or church get bullied into submission. The better way to frame this argument is, "the agenda moves on", and that agenda is the complete break-up of the family and population replacement. It has less to do with sexuality than it does simple economics. Sexuality is just the "bread and circus" to distract us from how basic this is.

If you try to track down a specific group or "lobby" that is bullying a private businesses like Chic-Fil-A into not supporting Christians, you will have a hard time. It is an octopus with tentacles that can get chopped off and grow right back. You could dive into this topic for months, and you will gain a ton of quotes and insight, but no strategy to stop it. It was designed that way by the backers and eugenicists so that it would confuse smart people into giving up. One thing is for sure, it is very well funded. Rarely, anyone frames this argument the way it should be framed; "It's the economy stupid" to quote James Carville, adviser to Bill Clinton during his campaign.

Two is better than one when it comes to people in the work force. It boosts the amount of labor, consumers who will buy goods, and personal debt to global banks. It is what keeps this facade of the "economy" going. We learned this from the feminist movement and all the propaganda that pitted men and women against each other. Whole cottage divorce industries popped up to capitalize on the moral bankruptcy of America decades ago. It worked like a charm. There was no more nuclear family. Both men and women hopped into wage-slavery, and this drove down wages while it drove up demand for cheap global products. This kept our economy afloat for a while. However, the unintended consequence of doing this was destroying the family unit and lowering birth rates in America. Enter the open border policies being pushed by both democrats and republicans over the last 2 decades. Anyone who does not understand that this is an economic decision for more workers, does not understand the economy. The GDP of America is based on the net sum of its labor. If families are no longer having kids, you need to get that labor from somewhere to stay afloat in a system based on debt. This allows for the solution of the UN, globalism, and open borders to seem enticing for our rulers to keep the attention off the national debt. This is viewed as beneficial to the GDP of America by all economists, the same way breaking up the family was beneficial for the oligarchs who benefit from us becoming wage slaves. It is also incredibly beneficial to the companies who support open-borders because it drives down wages even further. Who would you rather hire in a service economy? Someone with a masters degree that commands $100k yearly or someone who is just happy to be out of a war torn country? This is why you see big money flow into open-boarder think tanks.

These same think-tanks are no longer concerned with the ballooning national debt or usury. You will barely even here about the national debt from mainstream news because the companies that want these policies own the papers and news anchors. They control the tone of the conversation. However; these libertarian, open-boarder think-tanks aren't consciously immoral. Morality is not even in this equation. Greed and raw power acquisition is the end goal. They are very short-sighted and are highly motivated to drive down wages, hence, turning a bigger profit so they can acquire more power and assets. According to The Times of Israel the WHOLE WORLD is 233 Trillion USD in debt. No one tell us who we should send that money to. America owes a large chunk of that debt, and they owe it to the Federal Reserve who issues us our God-given right to life and "freedom" as they see fit. When you realize that most of the players involved are more concerned solely about profits, it is much easier to understand. When you realize that even a moral CEO can be sued or fired for not making an immoral decision for their shareholders, it makes more sense.  It is about human control and acquiring real assets before people realize that their fiat currency is not backed up by anything, and the American Experiment of man ruling himself ends. A dollar could become worth a penny overnight. It only holds value because we believe it does. Since the Federal Reserve has gotten its hooks into America, the value of a dollar has gone down over 96 percent. Even the lapdogs of power that bought off the news a long time ago have to admit that this is true. Why the push to "persecute Christian businesses"? This is easy to see if you are willing to admit that our ruling class is corrupt, immoral, and we have been putting up with theft for decades. Almost any one of them can be dissected, and you will have to become morally flexible to support them so "your team" wins power. We have used these politics for way too long without addressing corruption on either side. This moral bankruptcy in America did not just happen. It has been a long Communist process known as incrementalism.

Right now, the groups in America that are under attack are Christian, pro-family, and anti-eugenics. They realize their way of life, culture, and history will die out if the culture stops having children and strong families. They do not realize, for the economy to maintain the status quo, there has to be population replacement. Otherwise, someone might resist the coming cashless society that is being pushed right now to control humanity. They have publicly spoken on controlling people down to the thoughts they have even at Facebook. This has been beta-tested in China for a long time, and no one spoke up. All our tech companies rushed to test out their new tools in China, and no one spoke up. Now it is coming home in America. To understand a thief, you have to admit they exist, and then think the way they would think. This is very hard for moral people, but replacing the population is the only way to hide their crimes, or at least, gain a more apathetic under-class with no history to reference. If you have racked up debt you cannot pay, too many people are asking questions, and you cannot convince the population to go along with it, you can just replace them with people who will. That is why the anti-human, anti-family, anti-life movements are all funded by large corporations who actually don't care about sexuality at all. Why would the worlds' largest tech companies fund sexual research via "charity"? The economy and un-checked borrowing for decades is in danger of coming into consciousness of the general public, and they need anyone with historical context gone, or society is going to have to fundamentally change to become more moral. No more, no less.

Matthew 5:44 is being weaponized against Christians. It is commonly used to make Christians feel like they are not "allowed" to push back on agendas that threaten to wipe them out. You are able to push back, and you might be able to bring the Word to your "enemy", as they may just be victims of this anti-human agenda themselves. Right now, there is over one million Muslims in re-education camps in China. No one group is under attack. It is a totalitarian communist effort to cover up the crimes of our rulers through population management and/or replacement. Christians just happen to have lost their voice and ability to work together to confront these issues. Don't lose your voice because it is happening quicker every day. Chic-Fil-A is just the latest "victim". This will affect all of us, so if you can't stand up for Christians, do not be surprised when no one is left to stand up for you. 

Sean Jackson



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