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The Curious Case of Bill Whatcott- Free Canada

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Bill Whatcott before the Toronto Pride Parade

It was 2016. Years of openly anti-Christian and anti-human propaganda had been running through Canada for a decade. It was time for someone to ask the question; "Is this Canada's new normal?"

That man was Bill Whatcott. When other Christians were following the false song of Globalism, he wanted answers after years of activism. He gathered a group of friends, activists, and mostly regular Canadians together, and he pulled off a successful protest. They went to the Toronto Gay Pride Parade, and they dressed as the gay zombies promoting marijuana. They handed out condoms to all the families who brought their young children to watch naked men engage in sexual acts. Those condoms contained health pamphlets and Bible verses. He wanted the crowed to do some soul searching and ask if this was tolerance or human engineering, and he paid a heavy price for it.

He didn't hide from his protest. He immediately took responsibility, and during the press conference put on to shock other Canadians from doing the same, the worst accusation lobbed against him was that "he didn't have a government permit" to be there. There was no violence or call to action. There was no hatred involved; in fact, some of his supporters are gay, but that did not stop the ruling class in Canada from dragging him into a civil suit worth 108 million dollars, search out to destroy his supporters, and file criminal trespassing charges against him that may put him in jail for life. It also didn't stop the STATE-SPONSORED media from slamming him every chance they got.

This made Christian headlines for about a week, and it was quickly buried by other tyrannical stories out of Canada. In America, we hear about people like Jordan Peterson protesting, and we gladly open our hearts and wallets for him, despite his involvement with the UN. We supported Lindsay Shepherd for her courage to show a Jordan Peterson on campus in Canada, but no one seems to want to remember Bill Whatcott and what he has done for free speech in Canada. Most Americans don't even know the name, or why he is enemy #1 in Canada.

Bill Whatcott has somewhat of a troubled past. He was into harmful activity including drugs, trying to hijack a bus, and living a very unsafe life. He knew he was doing something wrong, and it took a prison stint for him to find God finally through Dr. Dobson on the radio. After this, he cleaned up his life and decided to serve God. He protested the murder of the unborn, and he was arrested numerous times just for holding signs and praying. He went to college and became the equivalent of a registered nurse. He used this to treat people who were suffering while he continued fighting peacefully for Canadian rights.

A tenant of Christianity is tolerance of all. He is very aware of the biological and hormonal factors that can determine someones sexuality. He also is aware of the psychological phenomenon of being trans. There was a rush to chemical castration instead of looking for underlying mental distress, and he did not want to see anymore children hurt, so he started protesting this issue and attacking the people promoting with words, websites, and signs. Everything was peaceful. He identified the people behind it, and he would spread those public figures through his newsletters, flyers, and the internet. He exposed several pedophiles within the government during this time, which just further enraged the tyrants who did not like to be called out for their immoral harm to children.

We were lucky enough to get his last interview, where he was willing to sit down for an hour and tell all. It comes across as honest and sincere. He fundamentally understands the issues, and he would rather protect life than sit quietly in peace and watch his countrymen follow the agenda set by the oligarchs. This is a big change from the teenager who did drugs, read satanic literature, and tried to crash a bus into a police station. Decades later, he is on a mission to ask a very simple question. Is this Canada's future?

It does not have to be, and the news media has framed him as a lunatic that just won't stop harassing people. Even "free speech" activists have echoed the claim that he is too flawed to support because of his "harassment" of a transgender candidate running for public office. The problem with this narrative is, not even in court documents is he alleged to have harassed anyone. In fact, other than words his ruler's do not like, he has not been accused of much except "showing up to a Gay Pride Parade in Toronto without a permit". For this, he is facing a life of prison, and 108 million dollar fine.

This seems like overkill until you understand the agenda. It is not about Bill Whatcott. It is about scaring everyone else in Canada into silence. I challenge any researcher or journalist to find cause for this type of harassment, and then debate me on why his crime is more harmful than pedophilia.

Links to the full interview can be found at Please feel free to spread them, and ask yourself, is this the world you want to live in.

Full interview

Support Bill Whatcott, accept the challenge.

Sean Jackson

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