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Preppers- Who's The Crazy One Now?

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We have ALL heard cries from the mainstream media over the years. "Anyone who prepares for major catastrophes must be some type of conspiracy nut". After all, its 2019, and we have figured it all out. We have AI planning out food routes to provide efficiency to the consumer. We have genetically modified foods and even animals to provide stability in the food market. We even have scientists at Harvard funded by Bill Gates working on controlling the weather and managing the ionosphere. Why should we pay any attention to those crazy conspiracy theorists who tell us to plan and beware of a government willing to use food as a weapon, FEMA camps, and even rationing of our food supply.

While some of the reasoning provided to be prepared sounds like a fiction novel to some people, it is not so far fetched. I grew up in a small town outside of Bradenton, Florida where hurricane Andrew left tens of thousands without power for months. I've lived through Super Storm Sandy in the north eastern United States where food was scarce. The damage was minimal, but the electrical grid and food trucks could not get the grocery stores running for weeks. Currently, the people in my hometown of Houston, TX are going through their SECOND major flooding event in less than 2 years according to AccuWeather. This is sure to send those directly impacted vulnerable and on a search for resources if they were not prepared.

This is all seemingly natural. You cannot put blame on a tyrannical government or AI choosing to starve humans out, yet. What you can see though, is that human beings have become increasingly docile when it comes to planning for natural disasters. This has been led by a mainstream media that tells us that there is nothing to fear because FEMA will always be on the scene to rescue us. So, are the conspiracy theorists wrong? Or are we putting too much faith in a government bureaucracy to save us during major disasters? Ask the residence of Paradise, CA who have still not returned to their homes. Ask the residence of Flint, MI if the government, state or federal, has fixed their water crisis in the last 5 years. They haven't.

We live in an unprecedented time in human history where there are no more controllers of information. We can see the aftermath of a disaster live on Twitter or Facebook. We can see families begging for money on GoFundMe pages hoping to rebuild or move to higher ground. Imagine if these events were not random. Think of the implications of a full scale war that we have been trained to believe can never happen. Imagine worse. A tyrannical government follows through on their repeated claims that the world is over-populated, and we need some controls, or there is another economic collapse which seems imminent. This, after all, is what the eugenics movement was all about. Some people's lives are worth living, and some people's lives are not worth the resources we "waste" on them; Survival of the fittest as mass-murderers said to justify genocides across the world. It would be ignorant to think that history can never repeat itself, or worse, come to American shores.

The solution: It's easy. Drop your hubris and admit to yourself, we do not have it all figured out. The good news is, there is seemingly still time. Every time you go to the grocery store, spend the 3 dollars to put another 5 gallons of fresh water away. Spend the 20 cents on buying canned foods with long shelf-lives. Learn how to grow a garden while you do all of this. Make allies with your neighbors and participate in your community. Diversify. Find a group of friends with similar goals and work together to build security. All of these options are cheap or only consume time. The only thing stopping you is social approval from people you have not, and probably never will meet on TV. Basically, we have been talked into disposing of the wisdom of our elders. I bet your great-grandparents prepared for the unexpected.

Whether it is a new hurricane, threat of a FEMA camp, or politicians campaigning on rationing resources that causes the motivation, there is no harm in being prepared for life. It happens, and all of us will find ourselves at the mercy of obstacles or hard times in life. Being caught off-guard is fine, but being unprepared is not, especially if others depend on you to lead them through that hard time. I'm not telling you how to do it; I'm simply telling you that only living for the moment is selfish and doing a disservice to yourself, your family, and your community at large. The people you consider "conspiracy theorists" screaming to be prepared don't sound so crazy to the people in Houston today.

***All pieces on this site are opinion pieces based on current events. Take the advice if it seems logical to you.

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