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OPINION- "Death Panels" Was An Understatement

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Capitalizing on Despair

OPINION- Was the rhetoric trying to stop "socialized medicine"that far from the truth?

It wasn't too long ago that some of those people pushing back against Obamacare and socialized medicine were talking about "death panels". This phrase was meant to convey there would be a panel of doctors who would decide whether or not the value you had to society was financially worth the time and treatment they were going to give to you. They were dismissed as crazy, misinformed, and cruel for not believing that access to a doctor is a basic human right. Well, it's 2019, and a lot more evidence points to "death panels" in American medicine might just be an under-statement.

Let's talk about the damage that a quasi-socialized medical system has done to our society first. There is a shortage of general care doctors, as well as specialists in the West. No one will try to dispute that. While people might ask why there is a shortage, my question is: Why wouldn't there be? Who with an IQ above 100 would even want to become an MD? It takes an average of 14 years of intensive study to become a medical doctor. There are lots of estimates, depending on the field, of how much it costs to become an MD, but a good middle-ground estimate is 1-2 million USD over the course of your schooling. Don't forget all that interest that racks up over the 14 years you are able to defer any payments on it. Now you're ready for a career that can possibly earn you $192,000 USD per year on average. Most of their money is made in private practice in their later years. If you deferred your whole paycheck, after taxes, to just paying off your debt, you would be working for free for another 20 years. Also keep in mind. the average doctor works just under 60 hours per week.

34 years of service to the community just to get out of indentured servitude because of a decision you made as a child seems to hold enough risk in a risk vs. reward assessment. It seemed to be taxing-enough as it stood before; NOW add 2300 new pages of federal regulations that you could be sued for at any point. This was The Affordable Care Act also known as "Obama Care". If you still support this, please see its primary author, Jonathan Gruber, call you dumb on numerous occasions and brag about how he played on the American voter's ignorance to get it passed. This new federal regulation upped the barrier to entry by incentivising "ambulance chasing" lawyers to sue over frivolous claims. It signaled an end to protections for doctors who would consider all factors before treating a patient. Whole law-fare industries were set up after Obamacare. This increases the cost of carrying insurance for your practice as an MD to add to that mountain of debt, and anyone with a reasonable IQ would take their talents to other professions like being a lawyer.

The Hippocratic Oath seemed to suffice for a majority of modern human history. It seemed simple and straight forward. It allowed practitioners to make medical decisions based on morality and the vocational love of helping others. The original Oath worked for 2500 years before Dr. Lasagna, re-formatted it in 1948 after the genocide of WWII. It has been recently updated again, and this time, it is dangerous.

The new 2017 update, which are the first major changes to the wording in a generation, take out the individual in favor of the collective. We don't treat people; We treat populations. This fundamentally changes the way we apply care to patients. It paves the way for group-think among doctors instead of a healthy debate on how to treat disorders, and it also judges the individual not as a person, but as a function of society. If you are deemed to be a threat to the "collective health" of a society, than you may need to be controlled, punished, or worse. There is now an argument to be made that if you don't add more monetary value than you cost to treat, we won't treat you at all. This is communism 101. It is also the definition of having "death panels". Anyone who would call that a leap is not paying attention to the rhetoric in 2019 presidential politics.

These changes to the Hippocratic Oath aren't the only fundamental changes taking place. The technocrats have created a binary in medicine. They have started teaching some students "social justice medicine" while some institutions cling to the fundemental, practical, and moral medical practice of the past. The American College of Physicians has recently issued a statement on banning firearms, a statement that only seeks to inflame the already divided country and pave the way for whatever outrageous statement is next. It undermines their credibility as an organization, and maybe that is the point. They have also made crucial changes in the last year in the American Psychological association on how we treat our men in medicine. If your young boy seems to be gender-typical based on a societal construct, don't worry, there's a pill for that, and not only will it be prescribed, but your failure to comply may result in losing your child. There is even chemical castration if he utters anything resembling sex-change at school, and they no longer need parental consent to apply these treatments in some states. Keep in mind, the average male brain doesn't quite mature until their early to mid 20's, but they have applied the chemicals to children as young as 6.

This is the next generation of "Western medicine". It is already here. There will be an attempt to silence dissent and debate. The voices of reason have left the room to warn others or protect their families and practice. The dissenting voices who will go into the practice or stay in it will be shouted down or pushed out. This has already became the norm in a lot of our other institutions. "THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED" is all charlatans have had to shout for years to get a "free population" to comply even though any rational voice would say the science is never settled. It is always evolving as we learn and discover more. Some beliefs are confirmed, while others should be scrapped and reworked based on the evidence. When becoming a health care professional, they may pitch to that modern medicine is not about the individual anymore, but we have evolved into bigger-thinking like "what's best for society?", but in reality you are just playing your part to bring in the same Communism that has killed over 100 million human beings in 100 years, totalitarianism, and "death panels".

***Pointing out problems is only helpful when you can also try to point out solutions. Preventative health is the primary solution. We will be writing on that going forward. Also, understanding the laws and your recourse is your right as a human and is fundamental. This issue fundamentally transcends politics, and it is your right to know who is funding these seemingly organic, but well-organized movements and their intentions.


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