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Mission Accomplished, BUT Still More to Do

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

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There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, and people who need to be reached, but I accomplished what I set out to do months ago. Everything else is just icing on the cake...

I still have some rebuttals I need to write. There are still some people who I would love to talk to, but I have intentionally kept my reach limited. I know another purge of "ideas" is coming soon, and I could lose any platform any day. This takes away any incentive to market one place where you can find any of my work.

Google is like the Walmart of the internet. They come in under good intentions, then they buy everything up, and they slowly turn that platform into an echo chamber. My main goal was never broadcasting, writing, or even a blog. I wanted to see if censorship was real for myself, so I could find out if there were really smart people who were just being silenced and not in the public eye. I found that answer out quick. Then, I wanted to understand why people didn't take their life and research into their own hands when there are more tools now than in human history. The amount of hero worship that goes on right now is unparalleled, and it has fragmented society. If you do not fully agree with someone, you simply move on to the person who is always on the thing you want to hear.

It didn't matter the platform, but I found an algorithm that intentionally limits your reach depending on your ideas. I went through 5 Instagram pages before I even thought about a livestream. I could always build them up quick with basic supplement or gym pictures, but the second I would put commentary on news articles, I would stop showing up for other people. I did this for over 6 months. Then, I tested out Facebook. The number of people who would see the video, no matter who was in it, would range from 2,000 to 12, and no reason was ever given why. After a warning popped up during a stream, I decided that was no longer a good place. My reach went down from thousands to less than 100 quickly.

We moved to Youtube, and not many people followed, so we had to rebuild an old page ActionFitnessCT from scratch. We did this over 8 months, and the only marketing tool we used was networking/cross-promotion. Some ideas would gain views while others would sit still. I'd put the same video with the same keywords on a backup page without telling anyone, and the same video with 2k views, would get 100 views. None of it made sense, but it showed me that the time for gaining a voice on YouTube was over. You will not see some doctor, intellectual, news anchor start a successful page without already having an established following.

As someone who worked in tech for 5 years, and human psychology/physical health, prior to all of this, I wanted to see just how organic someone's growth could be and how quick the real censorship was coming. I found out it is already here, and there are tons of ideas you are not being exposed to. That was all I was testing out. I wasn't looking for debates, media ties, or attention. I just wanted to see if there were people intentionally pumping propaganda in America 24/7 and how these people got the authority to do it.

I quickly started just networking with people of all backgrounds and beliefs to try to find one unifying factor that would keep them from being separated if any of them lost their voice. Sometimes, it would take me a month to find one person with a huge following and strength of page, which isn't how normal free-market algorithms work. They should be the top result. Luckily, I gained a community that would lead me to genuine people, and some community leaders helped introduce me to more people. I never paid anyone a penny, and they never asked a thing from me.I just know peoples' livelihoods are on the line with this stuff, and it seems like a crime, tortuous interference, to not let non-violent debates of ideas occur. Google presented itself as a non-partisan referee that would ban people who abused the tool, but it would let fair debate happen, so we could all see the best idea win. That seems to be no longer the case without marketing tricks.

I grew up pre-internet, and the world is not going to end if the internet gets censored. The oligarchs will go back to controlling the information as they have for millennia, and us common "experts" in our fields will have no recourse to communicate without setting up our own connections to each other. This bothers me, because for a while, you could find any idea, and you could trace back the research to see if it was true or not, instead of being force-fed narratives. Anything from the shape of the earth to theoretical physics could be learned, if you could read. This was a true blessing to have for the last 10 years. Now, I wonder if it was always a a plan to shift the conversation and monitor people in real time with all of the revelations that have come out.

They have gotten a lot of common people on their side to SILENCE speech they don't like. They call this "hate speech". I have spoken to a lot of these people, and they are just normal like you or me, and they see propaganda aimed at wiping them out, so they are fighting back with over-exaggerated positions. They have seen friends, family, and loved-ones fall for the programming and self-censorship, and they say or do things to highlight how absurd that is. Then, they get labeled, removed from society, and no one says a word to defend them. It is not because society is noble. It is because they are cowards, and they hope "their side" wins power, and they can keep quietly going about their lives. They do not realize they will not be a part of the new ruling class when they burn it all down, and they will be stuck here with the rest of us.

Asking questions and debating ideas are how you get to the correct answer in a civil, non-violent society. As this pressure-cooker is being set up to have common people at each others throats, not many people realize they are being tricked out of their God given freedoms. If you do not believe in God, call it human freedom. They are actually starting to believe the government grants you "permission". This used to be the textbook definition of a plantation. The "masters" controlled all forms of your life and information, gave you enough resources so you wouldn't rebel, and they created conflicts as a means to protect themselves from outsiders, without having to get involved themselves. Slavery.

Vladimir Lenin, and every other communist manifesto, proudly proclaimed that capitalists would hang themselves on the rope they produce. Apply that to the technology that is invading every sector in our life. We allowed that to happen. We are responsible for buying into the propaganda. We refuse to go places, or talk to people, that make us uncomfortable, While this goes on, America is being fundamentally changed as the debt balloons, weapons are being built up, and polarization is at an all time high between the under-class. Very few seem to want to find unifying non-violent solutions, and if they do, they are quickly shelved or forced underground. Years of studies would lead you to see the type of violence and mental illness that isolation causes.

We have reached over 100k people, almost one person at a time, for the last 8 months. We have tried to do our parts as a community. Not everyone understands the point of keeping conversations going, even with people who have been ostracized by "society", whatever that means. I do not want to be a thought leader or create some movement. I want to expose people to tough ideas, and let them figure it out on their own. They can sit back and judge my decisions, and it might just spark their interest in looking into their own belief system and how it was formed. I am not looking for viral soundbites, which would be the quickest and easiest way. I am looking for a unifying theme and hope.

For now, we hang together, or we can hang separately while this shakes out.

God Bless

Sean Jackson

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