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If you do a quick search on Sean Jackson, you will find mountains of propaganda and incorrect articles online.

That seems bad on its face, but it has hardened me for the times ahead, and it taught me a lot. We can skip the fact that some states in America can make up the law as they go, especially in commonwealths. Your car can commit a crime even though it is not alive, and the police can take it before they even charge you with a crime, but lets skip all of that for this story.

This propaganda against me taught me that "trusted" news sites that I respected could tell half-truths or outright lies. I found out that local police tip off journalists to make headlines go viral. I also was unaware that you do not just fight criminal charges in court, but you fight them in the realm of public opinion. I was unwilling to do this in 2014. I became very introverted and private thinking that I actually had the right to remain silent for 3 years. This silence was used against me along with secret courts that signed secret warrants without any oversight. I did not know these things.

I knew about the Federal Reserve, and the Constitution hasn't worked as early as the mid 1800s, but it was definitely defunct by the 1940s. I knew there was a creeping threat of communism around the world, and being Lebanese, I know Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. I just refused to believe that all of the news was being manufactured, and even worse, they were working with local government to ruin local peoples' lives in my own community. I found out that if journalists put 1 percent truth in an article, then they could print the rest with impunity because, well, "what are you going to do about it?". A journalist actually said this to me when I politely asked them to correct their factual errors. To be fair, two journals retracted, and five told me to see them in court if I wanted them to correct anything. We can talk about them in later articles.

I was just in shock that human beings were so cold to other human beings and that these stories were being fed by the state and local government. This is why they felt so bold to not retract because "surely" the same government that fed them the information would back them up if I did have the money to sue. I gave up fighting it in the media, and I decided to learn the law and fight back wherever I could until the corruption was routed out. I knew I could not save my own image, but I might be able to stop them from getting just one person in the future. It worked, and I refuse to publish the names of the corrupt police and government officials who paid the price for their wickedness because they have it hard enough right now.

In the words of Dr. E Michael Jones who gave me my start in journalism, "God will turn the bad into good, have faith". He was the first public thinker and journalist who told me to keep putting out truth, no matter what the cost was, and to let my fellow Americans see it. Until we spoke, I was frustrated. I was landing huge interviews that might change people's lives or understanding, but Google wasn't letting people see them with their broken algorithm. I lost my high end tech job. I was never given the reason. They said that it was my background, but it was the same background that made them millions of dollars. Over the 5 years I worked there, the company fully knew about it. They even paid me for vacation time to stand trial. I have NEVER been the best Christian, but I have always clung to two things, do not harm other people and do not lie. Those values were drilled into me as a child and gave me the eyes to see what was happening. I questioned why the largest tech company in the world would support a "charity" whose founder advocated for a post-human future. What does that have to do with 5G technology? This man got charity status and published a school curriculum that is now being taught to your children at your expense, so as a leader within a company, I have a right to ask why they would be involved in eugenics. I have a son.

As you can see from the picture, I worked in health research for nearly a decade. I know all the arguments and studies on both sides of propaganda. I went to college to learn about marketing and did a lot of research on my own into the father of marketing and modern psychology, Edward Bernays and Sigmund Freud. They bragged about getting women to kill themselves smoking under the guise of "FEMINISM", but they won't take the blame now for that trick in this #metoo era. Now 480,000 people per year die including women. That was obviously an injustice to me, but I did not want to believe that the "news" or the "media industrial complex" was working hand in glove with the government, or using mass psychology against its own population.

Despite all of the censorship, a lot of other great people were willing to come speak to me, even though I was slowly being silenced. I still remember E Michael Jones telling me that "the wicked would feel the wrath of God". I kept the broadcast going despite my frustration, and I had one simple objective. That objective was to keep freedom of speech and freedom of association alive. Lebron James may believe there should be free speech "with consequences", but I do not. I believe a robust debate is how you get to the correct answer. I believe in being civil and not using psychological tactics on guests I have invited on, unless I explicitly warn them. I believe the best way to get rid of a bad idea is a good counter argument, and you can make a market out of it if people decide your idea wins. Basically, I still have faith in humanity, but I have lost faith in the system that is supposed to inform them, so HUMANITY can truly make an informed decision.

I do NOT do this for money or a large following. A patriot, Alex Newman, got my full history and credentials and gave me an outlet to write about what mattered to me. Some things will be published at if it is not on here. He showed me the inner workings of the news business and he exposed another fact to me that I did not understand. I can just edit my work with a couple clicks of a button or take down an article in less than 3 minutes. I do not write this blog or any new published articles for money, and I may stumble into that, but that is not the objective of any of this.

I live in one of America's most dangerous cities in almost all metrics. Gangs have overtaken numerous portions of the city, and if you don't know someone with a little power, you may have a difficult life. All I am doing from my home is talking to people so that other people can hear stories they may not hear or have emphasized in mainstream news. There are facts in most of these stories. You can frame them however you want. You can pander to your audience. You can even throw in enough spin to make those facts seem non-important. That is not what this is. This is showing my fellow Americans things that will drastically determine the outcome of their future and my children. I am just the messenger that is bullying my way in to the argument so that the people who find me have a voice. No one has to listen, but it might be a warning to others, it might teach them how to live, it may remind them of morals, but it definitely should be discussed.

Tonight, I will be on a show because of my lengthy research background, networking skills, and willingness to talk to ANYONE, including Bill Whatcott. He is the Canadian who is facing life in prison and millions in fines for praying and handing out Bible scriptures at Toronto's gay pride parade without a permit. Is that freedom or totalitarianism? These are questions that need to be asked boldly and stop being buried. I offered the full interview to over 20 "Christian" news sites. The only people who respond to me were Culture Wars, The New American, Kent Hovind, and Dr. Dobson. To my knowledge, the piece didn't run with Dr. Dobson, but he did respond. I now feel obligated to get the story out along with many more. I feel fortunate to be the one who tells a true story with just the help of just an audience and some great journalists who ask for nothing in return.

What started out as a simple health broadcast has now turned in to a beacon of freedom for some people, and I have an obligation to them now. I have more interviews lined up than I have time because I do this for free as a public service. I do not make judgments, and I leave my email up on screen in case someone comes across my work and wants to put a counter argument forward. I am willing to listen and just ask questions, even if I disagree. In fact, that type of debate is exactly what I want to accomplish. We may all have different opinions or interpret facts to support our belief systems, but it is interesting for a lot of us to hear the other side of the argument. Either those arguments are already being made on mainstream shows, or no one is willing to put a face to it.

NONE of this would have ever happened if I didn't realize that even at a local level, the news could lie and ruin your life despite a mountain of evidence disproving their articles. I never expected how happy the "journalists" were to defend their works of fiction that would influence my friends and neighbors opinions about me. My job was human research. I helped co-author books. You will not find those works online anymore. You will only find propaganda, and if it has happened to me in 2014, it can happen to anybody. I was just persistent enough to grab a platform so I had a means to defend myself and my family. Now, they have created another voice with their dishonesty, even when we disagree with each other. The experiment cost me a very high paying tech job, but it now gave a lot of people a voice in this civic debate, and I take that responsibility very seriously despite not ever having done this. My initial instinct was to protect my family and son, then to protect anyone willing to listen with information. I did not aspire to be a voice in the middle of one of the largest conflicts in my lifetime.

For perspective; I live in a corrupt community that is full of gangs on all sides. It is very dangerous now to get in and out of the house compared to how it was 10 years ago. The cost of a human life is cheap here. That scares me. What scares other people is "power" being wielded against them, and they find it brave that from the safety of my home, I am willing to do a Skype call with someone on a topic that people may not like. The truth is, it is much more dangerous for me to walk 10 minutes down the road. I have not used any marketing tactics other than networking because I did not plan on it being long term. Now, I realize how important that perspective is, and these stories need to stay relevant and in peoples minds so they can make a decision for themselves with no spin.

Tonight we get to continue this thing by being on Comcast local TV. I may put up a dead link or a re-run so people who do not live by me can watch it since it is not my content, and I have not asked for permission, but in the words of Bill Cooper 'If you people don't wake up now, my son will be a slave to the New World Order", and that is exactly how I feel.

God Bless

Sean Jackson


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