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It Takes a Village to Save Humanity- Redpill Op-Ed

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In case you haven't been paying attention to what I have been doing on Youtube....

I have been formulating allies with ANYONE for the coming war. Hopefully, it will be a rhetorical war and not a hot war, but it is a fact that it is coming. We are on a crash course towards civil unrest again, but this time it is different. The people we are fighting are victims. They are pumped full of pesticides, corn, and soy, so they have hormonal imbalances. Over 55 percent of American's according to the latest WebMD study are on pharma drugs with the AVERAGE being 4. The words "safe and effective" have been used to tyrannically shut down every debate about the harms chemicals were causing in people's minds. That disgusting slogan got enforceable injection laws passed in some states in AMERICA where they will NEVER be removed; one step closer to medical tyranny. Couple that with the mainstream news that is misleading, pumped 24/7 to separate us from our fellow neighbors. The truth is, we are sicker than ever, both physically and spiritually.

It is diabolical to say the least, and it is hard to believe there were so many victims. However, the #zoomers and anyone with an internet connection who loves research knows the lies that are being presented to the general masses. This has led to a moral Christian society being fragmented off into sections, and there are groups forming that recognizes pieces of the puzzle, or the entire plan. These people cannot be ignored, and they are not wrong about the lies they are pointing out even if their solution is selfish. If they are lying about the problem, then debate them so we can all see how wrong they are. Silencing people is just validating to the rest of us that, not only are they correct, but the oligarchs don't want other people to find out about them to keep us inside our enslavement. There have been people shouting about corruption for years that I am just recently discovering because it would not show up in a search engine.

Mind control has always been fascinating to me, and it has helped me to spot lies or misinformation in all types of markets from consumer goods to politics. My first published paper was on the ethics of the lottery having all the math and English data of every city in the country, and it pumped most of its marketing budget to the places that were the most deficient in math. Shutting down a debate, historically, shows the people in power are afraid of the population they rule over for various reasons, and they do not want that view point resonating with people. They argue it would destroy the social order. We argue, let the chips fall where they may, but be honest. Many of us have been able to reach small or large portions of populations with accurate information and let them decide what to do with it. Some people have merchandised it, and they now make a living out of telling you "the truth that no one else knows". A lot of their arguments may be valid, but they are making a huge tactical error. No one has a monopoly on truth, and if you are actually interested in helping people, then you would secure that information by spreading it as far as you can. You also secure your own future in reaching out to those with common goals no matter how big or small they are.

The most achievable objective I can see is taking back power on a local level. It is educating children correctly, and showing them how to use this information to remain free. If you leave that responsibility to the oligarchs, than expect a post-human world and slavery. While most people form allies with people based on fiat currency and power, I have been quietly forming allies with people who want to stop the harm of children both sexually and mentally. A lot of the "organic" movements you have seen over the years involve big money, and they are forced to promote a message that they may not even believe in. It is what we consider Conservative Inc. They are mouth-pieces, proxy-warriors, for the oligarchs. My mission has been to find every organic movement I can that believes in humanity, and get them all in one place which is not an easy job.

I do it for free, and it is not easy because a lot of people have opposing views on what the solution is. Some have sponsors that they could lose by associating with other people. This is why I have chosen to not take a dollar from anyone who wants to control what I say. In fact, I have yet to even withdraw a dollar from my community. It is a form of control when you are funded and worrying about the money you will lose by talking to someone or putting up an unpopular argument. That is not freedom, and that is not a "sponsor' that I would endorse.

We all have a part to play in restoring an American Republic and world-wide freedom. We must inform others about what is going on and build bridges. Some people cannot swallow all of the lies in one sitting, so I have changed my stance on those people who simple point out the news is lying daily. I will not change my stance on people lying for money though. I will also not "disavow" someone who may have a valid concern, if they are not demanding violence. That is not freedom. That is a sponsor talking through a proxy-warrior, so they can continue their money-making operation. They have little to no interest in actually stopping the enslavement of humanity through language, laws, propaganda.

There are courageous people pointing these things out in a political climate that quickly jumps on them via hit pieces, threats, and lost wages so their children starve and they shut up. The media, government, and big tech collude so quickly that your life can be ruined in one day if you are not aware that it is going on and plan for it. You know, slavery. My planning starts at home by arming my family with the truth and the Word. Then, a willingness to speak to anyone about their genuine concerns even if they do not directly effect me because one day, they will.

Right now, there is 24/7 propaganda demanding that "white people" die. As someone who is not fully "white". This would seem to be a relief because is has nothing to do with me; however, it will not be long before the agenda keeps moving on to all of us. I can provably show the decimation of the black community law by law, and program by program. Not many people spoke up. When that operation worked, it quickly became about "white people" and how Europeans are the plague on this planet. This happened because you remained silent when it happened to another group you don't identify with as part of "your tribe". That is why I see the most valid framing of this movement as "Christian" and not ethnic. We will all be affected.

Right now, we can debate history, or we can recognize it, learn from our mistakes and not make the same tactical errors. Most the people we argue with are victims of the "system" that hopes to enslave us all. There is controlled opposition. Worse, there is a plan to depopulate the planet via chemicals, education, and propaganda. Acknowledge it, or you have no starting place to understand why so many people are upset and how to play your position before it is too late. If you bury your head, you might as well put your own chains on. #Redpill,to me, just was a slogan for people who understood their reality. Now, I realize people cannot handle the full truth at one time. You have to present it to them in "doses". Be persistent. Know your audience, and make the information about what matters to them, but be armed with information. Don't make it about you. Let them find it for themselves. If you are being dishonest or spouting things you cannot prove, people will dismiss anything else you have to say and go back to sleep.

We are all in this together, and the second you turn on your fellow man, you have failed. The second you have what you say or do controlled by financial gain, you are now a liability. If what you are saying is true, it may take a while, and you will suffer for sticking your neck out, but eventually people will want to hear more. Make alliances with genuine people even if their solutions don't match yours because it is hard enough to swallow the degeneration of society as a planned de-industrialization of all humans. Baby boomers may not be as affected as us Gen-X or Zoomers, but we have a responsibility to keep the truth of the past alive, not let people lie to us, and not turn on each other because we believe we have special information for money. Greed corrupts all movements, and if you are in this for fiat currency, you should do something else with your time because you will be held up as an example that cripples real people spreading truth.

Thank you to everyone who is now finding the page, working with me, and making sure that our children are not the ones paying the tab for our failures to speak out. They will know our cowardice when they see their friends falling to suicide, hormone treatments, and not knowing how to read. They will blame everyone who did not speak up. There will be a hot war if we are not careful and do not speak the truth no matter the consequences. You do not have to write or talk to people, but you do need to start at home, work into the community, and then focus on taking it further. Control what you can control, and never take your eye off of the question, "why am I here". Are you here to live and die as a slave for oligarchs, or is there a greater plan to your existence? Are you hear to lead and make allies, support those leading, or will you sit out and hope for the best? I hope you realize that if you sit out, we will lose this spiritual war, and the next generation will blame you for doing so.

Sean Jackson


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