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While the citizens of Hong Kong, still a still British satellite, tear down all of their surveillance/spy cameras, Americans still keep rapidly begging the US government for more on all sides of the isle. While protesters proudly waive the American flag, "activists" continue tearing down US historical monuments in Orwellian fashion. As the citizens beg for Christians to lead the protests for peace, sovereignty, and freedom, American policies continue to target Christians daily. Pro-life content has now become "hate speech" and tech companies give themselves awards for doing it.

Protesters are begging the US government to save them from being swallowed-up into the Chinese model of Social Credit tyranny. Little do they know, they are putting their faith in the wrong country. Technology juggernauts like Google and Apple have moved to China for two reasons. One; They wanted a lower tax rate; 0 to be exact as long as they hand over all the data and new tech to the Chinese government. Two; They get to try out their forms of technocratic social control on one of the largest populations on the planet. China is now the leader in using technology for social control thanks to American help. Recently, the ADL has given Apple CEO Tim Cook an award for his stellar record of banning pro-christian groups and any dissenting voices. Google got a chance to run Project Dragonfly, a secret operation that integrated data collection and scoring citizens to keep them in line with what the Chinese government finds acceptable.

Just like Iraq/Afghanistan are staging grounds for new military weapon testing, China is the testing ground for technological social control/ new-age eugenics. Over 1 million Chinese citizens have been denied access to basic services like buses, passports, and air travel. Not only do citizens have to worry about the AI security cameras everywhere, but the Chinese government also pays cold cash to neighbors who will "snitch" on their fellow countrymen. This has led to the re-education of over 1 million Muslims in camps in Xinjiang right out of Carl Marx's ramblings. Christians and Buddhists who don't conform to the "new state-run Christianity" suffer the same fate. China has backed off harvesting their organs, but according to the NY Post, the eugenics movement is still alive and well as the women face forced sterilization.

While this should have been a reg flag years ago, American media stays silent, often distorting facts and downplaying the tyranny. American citizens stay silent for fear of becoming a target of online harassment. Of course, if our media even attempted exposing these things, they may be promptly shut down by a country who has been quietly buying up all of our debt, media, and land for years.

In short, Americans have a lot to learn from the protests in Hong Kong. There is a very small window for the public to wake up. As the global market for AI is projected to pass 30 billion dollars US in the next 11 years, who will emerge as a leading voice in opposing this technocratic takeover, or is it already too late?


Photo: National Review

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