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HEALTH- "Anti-Vaxxer- The NONSENSE Word

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Dr. Peter Hotez via New York Times

A wise man once said, "The day we start letting our enemies define us, we have already lost". Dr. Peter Hotez is NOT an enemy, but he does try to define his opposition with tags like "anti-vaxxer" and "vaccine hesitant", and he has gone so far as to elude that not vaccinating your children is akin to child abuse, and just maybe, they should be taken from you for your own safety. There is such a powerful apparatus around him, that people are scared to speak out.

Let's be real There is no such thing as an "anti-vaxxer". We all know the ridicule when it comes to talking about vaccines, but no one really does a good job articulating what is going on. Almost no one, ZERO PEOPLE, are advocating to destroy all vaccines. They want their God- given, human right, to informed consent. This means, "you show us the work, the data, the logic, and we will make up our own minds". Convince us with the evidence. But we will not blindly "take your word for it" and let an unelected bureaucracy make that decision for us without a fight. That is what you call "medial tyranny". It is also condescending that only you, the "high priest' of vaccines must preach to us instead of being forced to debate your position. We should all be for oversight.

Mercury was used in vaccines for years. It kept things sterile. Dr. Salk, the founder of the Polio vaccine even admitted its problems. He was worried in mass-production, sometimes the virus came back alive to infect the patient. It did. The difference is, he was honest about his work, and people could willingly make up their own minds. That criticism and open debate led to better methods like derivatives of Mercury. It still can be harmful, but it is a much lower risk than before. We all know SV-40, an additive that causes cancer, was "accidentally" added to vaccines for a number of years before anyone figured it out. No one took responsibility. They never do. THAT is the problem. They just keep wheeling out "experts" to insult anyone who "DENIES SCIENCE", but they willingly blow past all their mistakes and pass laws making it illegal to criticize them.

The truth is that debate is healthy. It makes things better. It leads to a more informed public. It sheds light on human nature, greed, and the lengths people will go through to make an extra dollar. This helps us as a society overall. Removing that debate destroys a society and industry. It scares people into silence. It isolates whole segments of the population, and it creates a fear that not everyone is equal in the eyes of the people who rule over us, and maybe that is the point. Every time you bite your tongue, you have lost more of your freedom. Every time you fight with your friends, neighbors, and family, you lost even more freedom.

There is a trick in rhetoric and politics. First, you frame the argument. "Anyone who doesn't trust all vaccines are called anti-vaxxers". Now you're scared to be labeled, so you don't bother asking. Then, politically, you move the argument to a binary. "Are you FOR or AGAINST science?!". These are both wrong. Labeling someone and accepting labels are both forms of control. Real science is always changing because PEOPLE QUESTION THINGS, so people investigate, and we find better, more improved ways of helping society. This is moral science. This is what oligarchs, technocrats, and plutocrats don't want. It is much easier to run a science BUSINESS if you can scare the population into handing over their power to investigate you. It becomes even more effective if you can scare people with labeling them and isolating them from their community.

When people ask you if you are an "anti-vaxxer", say "It depends on the ingredients". That is the attitude EVERYONE should come together around. It is ignorant to say that there is no scientific proof that some vaccines have helped eradicate disease. It is also ignorant to ignore that medical mistakes/misconduct of other vaccines. Ask the men of the Tuskegee Experiment. Issues are more complex than slogans. Oversight and debate are the only way to move forward if we are, in fact, free. The public release of health studies by private companies is the only way to ensure public safety and put the debate to bed; but, division seems to be around every corner in 2019. 100 years ago, there was no way to look these things up, and you were forced to rely on an elder or an expert. Now you can look at the evidence for yourself. The only thing stopping you is the fear of a TV making fun of you, and the fear that you may not be as free as you thought.

There is no such thing as "anti-vaxxer". There are people taking extreme positions to try to use you own tactic against you. If both sides don't stop, the people who aren't educated enough to sift through the studies will ultimately be the ones hurt the most. Demand oversight. Don't prejudge the information. Just demand it be made public for the good of society and ending the argument.

God bless.

****This opinion blog is not meant to treat, diagnose, or advise anyone on their health. Please consult your trusted physician on top of doing your own research.

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