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Generation Z- The Last Generation?

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I have been running this podcast for months. I thought a good premise would be to point out the lies in the health industry and correct them. I thought I could stop some of the psuedo-science and propaganda in the health field while being entertaining and persuasive.

Because of my background in big-tech as a sales trainer, I knew censorship was coming, so I wanted to take these topics head on, quickly, and focus on the tricks the industry has been using for a while so the episodes would be timeless and not rely on the news cycle.

I knew by 2020 a lot of pages and channels would be wiped out. I did not expect how quickly censorship had already been put in place. This set me on a course to talk to anyone who understood what was going on, why the censorship/control was happening, and try to do my part in keeping freedom alive so people could even have a channel or show. It hurts me that I even have enemies since for months. I have been leaving my email on screen for people who disagree so they could be armed with knowledge, or maybe they could show me an angle I was missing. My aim is to unite people and not divide them because something is coming, and it is coming quick. If people do not realize this, all of our lives are at risk.

Eventually, I realized, there might not be time for a supplement/health show. The real things affecting people were liars causing them their own demise with non-stop propaganda and sales tricks that have been used for 100 years. People are losing family members over politics right now. They are being divided along party lines, racial lines, and ideas. This division is not an accident. The media fans the flames. The schools teach it as fact. All the while, psychological institutes are being funded all over America and Europe to study the human brain, its reaction time, and how to divide people. Politicians and oligarchs use this to conquer the serfs, so the subject peoples' never rise up and stop the injustice. In fact, they have gotten so good at this science, they can track reactions in real time, read minds, and trick you into your own demise. Use Facebook's building 8 as an example or MSNs new poll that tracks your reaction to the news that pops up.

Diversity is not our strength. Unity is. We are all individuals with unique outlooks on life, and a lot of us can always be persuaded with new evidence. Online, you would not think this is the case, but in a very liberal, front facing, profession, I met thousands of people daily for years. The general sentiment was that everyone knew some part of this agenda, especially immigrants from war torn countries. I did not even realize how deep a lot of great researchers have gone on lies I knew existed for two decades. I was not concerned with the internet. However, there is control in that too. People have merchandised the "truth" like only they have it, so they now become your "trusted source" aka authority or ruler. When I realized that not only were there so many great researchers, but they were all being divided off into corners, I wanted to try to bring some common thread into the work they had already been at for years. Some people do great research, but they are not great at networking and presenting their information to people who have never heard it. Some people might turn people off by how they talk. Some people may only do it for the money.

My goal was always to unite people even if they had different funders and backers as this spiritual war escalates. I can get back to a health and fitness show anytime. Anyone can visit my Patreon for that work, and I will gladly give it away for free, but right now, they fate of my children and yours is at stake. If we are not very careful in how we proceed, organize, and find non-violent solutions, there will be a hot war very soon, and the people we are fighting are victims of ignorance. How does fitness help that? It is funny to laugh that millions of people bought ab-belts, but there is tons of time to point that out if we all wake up and get back to a moral society. This society cannot worship government, but it should participate. This society should continue being civil and willing to ask hard questions that are uncomfortable. This is how a non-violent society is able to thrive.

When you are silenced from asking these questions or being able to speak, violence always occurs. Any brief study of human history will show you that. Hint: The people who rule you want you fighting with your family over TV programming. That is because the family unit is the greatest place for freedom. It makes it easier to pick you off with their advertising and messaging when you are isolated. When asked about the first amendment on college campus this year, which is your only contract with the government to assemble and peacefully protest, most college students said it needed to be "updated". They had no idea what it was, and they thought it only involved speech.

Historically, these are the people who will grow up and be in positions of power. They run the school board, government, sciences, and write philosophy. That is scary. Our children will have to grow up in that, unless you are not too cowardly to have children and the propaganda has convinced you to give up on a family. That is why I am doing my part, for no money, to ensure those things don't disappear. When people wake up to the deception they have been living in, it is not easy, but things can be much different, and we can go back to having a good laugh at the ridiculous things we did in the past.

The science I worked on was in the area of hormones and psychological science/marketing. It seemed very harmless because you can justify almost anything to yourself. Why not market a product weaponizing colors and flashing lights if they actually need that product? If you don't do it, someone worse will. These sciences were big 15 years ago when I was understanding marketing, they've been around much longer, and now I can see them being weaponized way further than just buying some snacks. I do not want to weaponize the things I know against my own audience for them to "wake up", but I wrestle with the idea because there may not be a lot of time left when we have become so docile, we will fall for anything.

I have been wrestling with Gen Z being the last generation according to the oligarchs. It's the last letter in the alphabet. I do not know that there is another term for the generation after them, and technology is moving at such a rate, that in 10 more years, human labor won't be needed; therefore, neither will you. That is why it is imperative that you understand concepts like GDP, the cost of labor, countries as a corporation, and human capital right now. There may not be 10 years for you to catch up. The AI industry is projected in the billions over the next few years. Companies are dying for a short term investment that could last a lifetime because then they won't need those pesky humans assembling and getting in the way.

I have been wrestling with Gen Z being the last generation for a few months now, and I am not willing to present it because I do not think anything is locked into place. I do not have any prophetic insight into the End Times and I do not believe anything is set in stone. The Georgia Guide Stones that need 90 percent population reduction are set in stone, but people seem more intent on tearing down historical monuments that may be "racist". It is strange to watch from an outside perspective. Agenda 2030 still has a website that you should read, but probably won't. The time climate alarmists say the world will end is 2030, so it oddly lines up to help in its own extermination, or it just thinks its conspiracy talk.

A peaceful dismantlement of the Fed and the UN seems like the only way to stop it on a large scale. No one is talking about that except people like Alex Newman and the JBS. Educating children in the Word and explaining the world they live in is the other way to stop this, and very few people talk about this as well.

Sunday, we are talking about Christian Zionism, which is a movement people do not understand. It transcends politics. Some people do not want to understand the mindset of their rulers. All I can do is keep hosting and writing about it, but it is the job of louder, more powerful leaders to echo those words so that people who trust them will know how to take action peacefully. This does not have to be the last generation, and there are ways to dismantle this entire plan, but it is going to take a lot of people with different ideas to be on the same page. I do not want to be a leader in this, but I want people to see it, know how real it is, and work together.

God Bless

Sean Jackson


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