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Camille Paglia and Why We Work Together

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

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A video is being shared today by an author who chooses to remain anonymous.

Most people do this because they know there will be backlash for documenting history. I came out public 6 months ago, and I did not mind showing my face. In retrospect, it gave me a window into why these people who do such amazing research choose to remain anonymous. They KNOW they will be persecuted for standing up and pointing out the OBVIOUS. This has happened in some way since the week I started broadcasting. In fact, that was the whole objective. Has society become so corrupt that I have to hide my face to make true statements on the internet. I quickly found out the answer to that.

For simply pointing out that activist, Camille Paglia, endorses a group that would like to have sex with children, NAMBLA, there are consequences. That seems strange until you realize how many people subscribe to this doctrine of "progress" and evil. For years, I thought this was a dead-issue and people would never accept the harming of a child. That is a blunt and simplistic description of what she stands for. There are other issues she fights for, but this one usually disqualifies you from every being pushed publicly.

We all know that TV is force-fed and owned by large corporations to get a message to the American people or persuade public opinion. That wouldn't be terrible if they were not leaving out facts that seem to be relevant to who someone is before they are promoted. In my time on this earth, I never thought I would see the day that there was an actual push to normalize sex with children. I figured every news outlet would tear that apart now that we have the actual tapes and history organized. Strangely, it is the fact they want to bury the most.

The reason for this is easy. They are not interested in informing you or entertaining you. They are molding you and preparing you for the world they are creating without your say. Researchers and news anchors have been around to cover this person for over 20 years. They know very well what she stands for, yet the won't remind the public. They are not here to serve your interests and protect you from powerful people that can squash you. They exist for the sole purpose of showing you what is coming so you do not resist when it happens.

This is why my view has changed on people that only cover surface news. It is a gateway to finding people telling more truth if it is not suppressed. It is a way that an American, or anybody, can dig deeper into the story if they choose to with their own free will. That is how the internet should be functioning. Sadly, that is not the case right now because people are not actively exercising their right to promote things they know to be true because they are scared of social shame. My view has also changed on being anonymous. I have taken so many death threats and threats to silence me, I quickly realized the tactics these people are willing to use. No one should have to receive death threats for their public service of researching the life of someone.

If this helps one person, it stays up. If Camille Paglia would like to argue for NAMBLA, I am OK with it, but she shouldn't be doing it in secret. She should be doing it very publicly and letting Americans and the world see what she really stands for. If someone is trying to hide something about them, there is usually a reason, and lies by omission are still lies. That is why I have to be as honest with you as possible because my credibility as a person is all that I have.

If Miss Paglia would like to explain publicly why she believes in these things and justify her position, she is welcome. It will have to be very blunt and in the open, and rhetorical tactics will not work. If pedophilia is so good for society, I hope she enlightens the rest of us on why that is. I do not think she can, but I am open to hearing the argument, and so are the rest of us. The good news is this. People are working together to expose these things at all levels without violence. They are willing to debate and form communities even if they have differences. Millennials are the first generation to be bombarded by information all in one place, for better or worse, so a lot of them are aware already. It is our job to keep information free to help those who do not have the means or resources to understand what is going on. It is also our job to remain united, despite petty differences, and work on feasible solutions to the problems we face as a society.

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