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ADULTS- Stop USING Kids To Promote Your Politics

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We have ALL seen the news about the newest "climate change warrior" who will be unnamed in this article. We have seen big money push her as the mouth-piece of a movement, and we have seen the critics get attacked for going after a child. This is the definition of a proxy-warrior. When the adults in the room get too scared to make an argument, they grab children, or anyone who they can scare, as a shield to make their pseudo-argument for them.

This week alone, we saw kids across the nation get the day off of school so they can ALWAYS remember that the earth is going to burn to shreds in the next 10 years even though the science is debatable. Not only that, but the companies patenting and experimenting on our ionosphere need to keep this fear alive in the next generation so THEY can provide the solution. It is classic Higalian Dialectic. The oligarchs blew up the nuclear bombs. They created HAARP that manipulated jet streams. They invented cloud seeding. They invented the active denial systems using frequencies; BUT it is your hairspray causing the damage. Your 10 minute commute MUST be stopped. Even worse, if you don't hand over all your money and guilt now, it will be irreversible. They won't come out and admit it though. They will grab a child as a shield to cover up years of tampering with the atmosphere and its potential catastrophic effects.

This is yet another example of divide and conquer. You will have those people who will rely on their fight or flight response to get scared and motivated into violent action. Then, you will have those people who have the self-control to look at the full issue and try to come up with reasonable explanations. I am going to to tag an interview with an ACTUAL climate activist under this article. He was ridiculed for years. He was driven broke going on a crusade to get his message out. No one funded him. He was cast aside. Then, he was proven right. Who supports his ideas and brings them into the mainstream? The problem with Matt Landman is... He is an adult. You might actually have to debate him. You may have to bring proof that he is wrong to your argument. It is 2019. We have all the video, documents, and white papers. We can look at the full history in a way we never could before. We can take the time and go back to see the way "fear" has been weaponized to divide us or control us into giving up our rights.

A lot of people will lean on the argument that this is a right-left issue. That is the wrong way of looking at it. There is a ruling class on both sides, and then, there is the rest of us, and those people in power, on record, have stated they want the rest of us to cut our population as soon as possible. They argue it is the "moral" thing to do while they preach that God isn't real. Without God in the equation, where does morality come from? They have redefined morality, and no longer have to make their own arguments. They can just rely on the fear of a child and a whole generation cut off from their own history. We should ALL be against that before it is too late to have an adult conversation about how to proceed.

***All opinions on this page are meant to spark conversation and unity, not stifle it. If you disagree, please be willing to present your evidence, but I hope we all stop arguing against our own best-interests and using children as political sacrifices. for the full interview with Matt Landman who was on Coast to Coast the night before.

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